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Hype Her Hoops Queen of the Heat 2023

August 5-6, 2023

OGP Ladera, Ladera Ranch, CA

Bronze Girls 4th Grade 18.25
Silver Girls 8th Grade 15.25
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 15
Gold JV Girls 14.88
Bronze Girls 4th Grade 13.25
Gold Varsity Girls 13
Silver Girls 8th Grade 13
Gold Varsity Girls 13
Gold Varsity Girls 12.75
Silver Girls 8th Grade 12.67
Gold Girls 7th Grade 12
Bronze Girls 4th Grade 11.75
Silver Girls 7th Grade 11.75
Gold JV Girls 11
Gold Varsity Girls 11
Bronze JV Girls 10.75
Silver Girls 8th Grade 10.75
Silver Girls 7th Grade 10.5
Gold Varsity Girls 10.5
Bronze Girls 7th Grade 10.33
Gold JV Girls 10.25
Gold JV Girls 10.13
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 10
Gold Varsity Girls 9.5
Silver Girls 8th Grade 9.5
Bronze Girls 4th Grade 9.33
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 9.33
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 9.25
Gold Varsity Girls 9
Gold Girls 7th Grade 9
Bronze Girls 7th Grade 8.75
Bronze Girls 4th Grade 8.75
Silver Girls 8th Grade 8.75
Gold Girls 4th Grade 8.5
Gold Varsity Girls 8.5
Gold Varsity Girls 8.33
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 8.33
Gold JV Girls 8.29
Gold Varsity Girls 8.25
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 8
Silver Girls 8th Grade 8
Gold Varsity Girls 8
Gold Varsity Girls 8
Bronze Girls 6th Grade 8
Gold JV Girls 7.57
Gold Varsity Girls 7.5
Bronze Girls 7th Grade 7.5
Gold Varsity Girls 7.5
Gold Varsity Girls 7.5
Gold JV Girls 7.33
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